John and Nola Freeman
Monmouth Park Pty Ltd
Grenville, Vic
12,000 Merino and Crossbred Sheep

“Greg Richards from Dipping Dynamics is an integral part of our sheep maintenance program and has given excellent service when there has been the need to dip. We have been most impressed with the professional approach especially the care when using chemical and hygiene of the equipment. We recommend Dipping Dynamics as the most effective and efficient method of treating lice.”

Robert Herrmann
Managing Director
Ag Concepts Unlimited P/L

“From time to time in our business as Agricultural Consultants we have requests from clients to advise on the best method for the treatment and ultimate eradication of lice in sheep.

I have recommended to a number of clients the Dipping Dynamics sheep dipping program over the past 10 years. The confidence I have in suggesting to clients that this process will achieve a satisfactory result comes from the first hand experience I have had with Greg Richards and the business.

Our clients have reported back that the professional approach taken to the task has given them confidence that their lice problem would be solved, and this has been borne out in their testimonials afterwards in reporting the lice issue fixed.

I have had occasion to use the Dipping Dynamics system on our own property, when after a number of years using back-liners our lice problem steadily increased. This resulted in our fine wool clip showing increased color and cottedness, reducing the wool cut and value of our clip.

One complete muster and treatment using Dipping Dynamics solved the problem.”

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