Cage Immersion Dipping

Sheep are guaranteed to be wet to skin level when dipped in a cage immersion dip

The Cage Immersion Dips operated by Dipping Dynamics have evolved to incorporate many of the principles required for effective plunge dipping and are considered by many to be the ‘gold standard’ in terms of dipping sheep and ensuring that sheep are saturated to skin level. A large number of sheep swimming together makes this achievable, producing aggressive turbulence in the dip, opening the fleece and allowing unmatched penetration of dipwash to skin level.

The Cage Immersion Dip minimises operator exposure to dipwash as the operator stands behind a Perspex shield whilst lowering a pen of sheep hydraulically into a large sump where the sheep are immersed for 4 seconds and then raised before being immersed again.

Features of the Dipping Dynamics Cage Immersion Dips include:

  • Can load sheep from ground level or out of the shed
  • Guaranteed saturation of sheep to skin level
  • ‘Walking floor’ facilitates rapid loading
  • Average throughput of 5000 sheep/day
  • Large draining pen allows dipwash to return to the sump minimising chemical usage
  • Minimises operator exposure
  • Approved by APVMA permit (12555) to use Diazinon in these machines for lice control
  • Rapid set up, washdown and pack up
  • Tank on truck can transport 10,000L of water from nearest water source to dip site

This footage demonstrates one of Dipping Dynamics Cage Dips in Operation.

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