Flood Immersion Dipping

Recently Dipping Dynamics has designed and built a Flood Immersion Dip (Patent Pending). Rather than lowering a pen of sheep into a sump charged with chemical, the Flood Immersion Dip brings the dipwash to the sheep via two large hydraulic pumps to completely immerse the sheep in dipwash.

Features of the Dipping Dynamics Flood Immersion Dips include:

  • Easy loading of sheep from ground level or out of the shed
  • Guaranteed saturation of sheep to skin level
  • ‘Walking floor’ facilitates rapid loading
  • Average throughput of 5000 sheep/day
  • Large draining pen allows dipwash to return to the sump minimising chemical usage
  • Side unloading
  • Minimises operator exposure
  • Rapid set up, washdown and pack up
  • Tank on truck can transport 10,000L of water from nearest water source to dip site

Greg Richards, Managing Director of Dipping Dynamics walks through all of the features of the new ‘Flood Dip’ that he has designed and built to revolutionise sheep dipping.

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